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The Neutral Zone

From Humble beginnings 
The Neutral Zone arcade in MO is an amazing arcade with nearly 50 games and more to come! The neutral Zone comes from a humble beginning as a small kiosk just dealing in toys to a well-established arcade. This arcade has classic games like Mortal Kombat, Spider-Man, Gauntlet and much more!


Why not stop by today and get into action! Arcade hours are Friday & Saturday from 12 pm to 8 pm. Sunday is availed for private parties. 

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Magician Chris Carpunky

Chris Carpunky - Number 1 Magician in St. Louis!
If you ever think of having a blast at your party, then Chris Carpunky is your only choice. He comes with the perfect mix of comedy, tricks and action. 

Not only does he show magic for all ages, but his jokes have always been appreciated by both children and elders. Influenced by the great magician David Copperfield, Chris became fascinated in the art of magic from the year 1980. He has chosen this profession as a party entertainer and decided to do this for the rest of his life. Chris has become an icon of his type and one of the best party entertainers in Missouri.

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Bob Kramer's Marionettes and Theater

Bob Kramer has a puppet show
Bob Kramer's Marionettes and Theater is one of the most reputable companies for kids' entertainment in the St Louis, MO area. The theater functions for over 50 years and is the oldest puppetry theater in the US.


Magicians can perform at any location or organize birthday parties and other events at the location. The shows are not very big and 30 to 50 people can attend. The fees vary and start with $200 but can reach $350.

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Ruby Jack Trail

Discover the Ruby Jack Trail!
Are you a beginner who wants a little challenging biking venue? Then, Ruby Jack Trail is the answer to your needs. Ruby Jack Trail is a rail to trail biking area in Carthage, Missouri. This 16-mile trail is composed of crushed stone which could really add up challenge in your biking experience. The trail passes through Kansas State Line traversing farmland, wetland and woodland, making it suitable to mountain bikes and hiking. 


So come and visit the Ruby Jack Trail now!

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category Missouri Biking
Funky Munky Music Kansas City

Art is not a nice extra, it's the umbilical cord which connects us to the divine!

Funky Munky Music in Kansas City was founded in 2004, and became an influence to people of all ages. They offer music lessons to people who are interested in learning orchestras music and repair some musical instruments to promote and help some local professional musicians. They also rent, trade, buy and sell both new and old instruments.


They provide wide lesson programs or workshops as well for some techniques on how to repair some instruments. The members of this group are Sean Dow, Jim Ellison, Cheng Ho, Sean Plum, Tyson Leslie, Larry Carbtree, Keith Mallory, Janeth Jared and Bob Scagliotti.

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Ojakangas Trio

Ojakangas Trio!
A group of young, energetic and talented young men assembled an orchestra group and the name of this fantastic group is Ojakangas Trio. It has a huge collection of prominent traditional music pieces and they can orchestrate a specific melody to be played on solicitation if given the content ahead of time.


A normal part of the Praise Assembly this group can additionally play music of different sorts and include their own particular peculiar tunes if the customer is fascinated.

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Hulston Mill Civil War Days

Civil War re-enactments in Greenfield, MO
Civil War re-enactments are a great opportunity for history lovers to re-live it. Most of them happen every year and Missouri is no stranger to such events.

The Hulston Mill Civil War Days happen every year for the past eight years in the Hulston Mill Park in Greenfield, MO. The Hulston Mill Civil War Days take place in early summer and those who want to participate must get in touch with the event’s coordinators. 

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Fight for Texas County

A Civil War reenactment in Houston, MO
The Fight for Texas County is a Civil War reenactment that takes place in October in Houston, Missouri. During that weekend the location is filled with celebratory events such as mock battles, a period medical demonstration, and a ball during the evening on Saturday night.


The dance starts at 7 pm and is the main event of the evening where people can wear traditional era clothes and listen to music dating from the period. 

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Show Me Shooter Indoor Range

A strong body makes the mind strong
Show Me Shooters is a full-line gun shop and indoor shooting range. They have a large range of handguns and holsters, long guns, shooting supplies and ammunition. They're open Monday to Friday 10am-8pm, Saturday 10am-5pm and Sunday noon-5pm. They also offer the law enforcement and military community with LE/MIL individual officer pricing. The gun availability is limited, so you must call first to make sure they have the model that you want. They offer two ranges with electric target systems for easy set up. 

There's also a viewing area behind each range to allow shooters and guests see the shooting action. There are six room shooting stalls to keep your equipment at while shooting. For more details you may call or visit their shooting range.

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Top Gun Shooting Sports MO

Promote, protect and preserve hunting and best shooting range!
Top Gun Shooting Sports is one of the best and largest indoor shooting ranges in the Midwest, built and designed with great art range and ventilation equipment. They provide a safer, fun, clean and friendly environment. They also offer the very best brand names in firearms, ammunition and accessories. They sell both new and used firearms. They also accept trade-in or buy from customers. They have a large range of firearms with over a hundred firearms in stock from over 15 major brand names.


They carry a good selection of paper targets, excellent ear and eye protection and gun accessories such as speed loaders, conversion kits, night sights, laser sights and scopes. They have hard and soft holsters, gun cases for both rifles and handguns. 

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Ballwin Kindercare

Ballwin Kindercare is a safe place
If you live in Ballwin, MO and you are looking for a child care center you should check out Ballwin KinderCare, a reputable school with a flexible schedule that fits kids of any age. The school provides different educational programs and the classrooms are organized based on the children's age.


Children get the chance to socialize, practice their art and social skills while having fun at the same time. Ballwin KinderCare receives kids as young as 6 weeks old and up to 12 years old.

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Hollywood Casino
hollywood casino mo

Play your favorite games at Hollywood Casino
If you visit St Louis, MO spend a night out at a casino. A great place to play poker at is the Hollywood Casino, a casino visited by tourists from all over the world.


The casino features all the popular games and is open from 8am to 5am during the week and non-stop on weekends. The Hollywood Casino has a total of 455 rooms and offers special discounts to residents as well as larger groups. 

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category Casinos in MO
Laumeier Sculpture Park

A Beautiful Sanctuary Open All Year Round!

As a wonderful sculpture garden in Missouri with endless fun things to do, Laumeier Sculpture Park is the perfect day trip idea. Whether you're looking to spend a fun day with the kids, or to go on a romantic date, Laumeier Sculpture Park offers it all. From kid programs to romantic events, this MO sculpture garden is perfect for every situation. If you're a dog person, then don't fret - you can bring your dog to the park!


Offering a constant rotation of exhibits, Laumeier Sculpture Park provides a different experience every time you go! You are sure to be entertained by the beauty and wonder of the sculptures from start to finish. Start planning your trip to Laumeier Sculpture Park today!

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Kansas City Sculpture Park

Sculpture garden open year round!

Containing over 30 sculptures, the Kansas City Sculpture Park is 22-acres of fascinating art. Set in the middle of an urban location, the park offers sculptures mainly from the 20th and 21st century. 

This Missouri sculpture garden is free to the public and open year round during the daylight hours only. Visitors have the option of purchasing an audio tour device at the museum, which the park belongs to. For more information and to learn about the museum visit the Kansas City Sculpture Park's website. 

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Stone Hill Winery

Stone Hill Winery is one of the famous wineries in MO, awarded 3,700 medals since 1993

They produce and market the finest wines that can be made, using French-American hybrid grapes such as Vidal, Chardonel and Vignoles. Stone Hill Winery makes elegant, sophisticated, mature, honeyed and focused wines.

Today Stone Hill Winery is the winery that will lead as one of the world’s best wine regions. Stone Hill welcomes visitors with open arms and an accommodating staff. You will experience the uniqueness of a winery and find good ideas for a gift for your loved ones. What you waiting for? It's a wonderful moment to visit one of the famous wineries in the world with reasonable prices. They also offer a Vintage Restaurant with a unique structure that caters and can accommodate thousands of lucky diners Serving contemporary world cuisine, they also have specialties of German Cuisine paired with the famous wines of Stone Hill.

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Les Bourgeois Vineyards

A very stunning and romantic sunset enhances the beautiful and memorable experience with your loved ones
Experience the warmth of Mother Nature's finest work, the Missouri River, paired with their famous wine collection, Chambourcin, Vidal Blanc, Sweet Traminette and Merlot. Les Bourgeois Winery was started in 1974 making homemade wine. Bourgeois family decided to develop their business by owning wine making equipment, crusher, fermentation tanks, and a small bottling line. They also maintained better control over fruit quality, and are less dependent on their growers to assure the quality of their grapes. Les Bourgeois Vineyards is the third largest winery in Missouri.

Today Les Bourgeois Winery offers different collections of wines with unique flavors, aroma blooms and bold tastes. They also offer a VIP Wine Club, your membership includes two bottles of premium wine each month at a 40% discount, winemakers notes, and a specialty recipe to complement each wine. Members are also eligible to receive discounts and special offers throughout the year. If you plan to visit them don't forget to join their Les Bourgeois membership.

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Blumenhof Winery

Wine makes an excellent gift!
Blumenhof Winery is one of a voluptuous young beauty that may arouse you with a ravishing scent and rich, ripe, succulent fruit flavors. Blumenhof Vineyards and Winery was established in 1979 in Missouri. The first vintage in 1986, Blumenhof had been dedicated to producing and bottling an unsurpassed selection of Missouri grown varietal wines. After a year these wines won awards at prominent wine competitions. In this competition they received seven gold medals, Florida State Fair, International Eastern Wine Competition, Los Angeles County Fair, Missouri State Fair, National Orange Show, Tasters Guild International, New World International Wine Competition and San Diego National Wine Competition.

Blumenhof Vineyards grows different grapes like chambourcin, chardonel, cynthiana, rayon d'or, seyval, valvin muscat, vidal and vignoles. Blumenhof Vineyards produce a unique wine, quite rare, a wine that has a luscious floral aroma and fruity flavor.

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