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Orchestras in Missouri

Missouri orchestras are waiting for you. Come on out for a night of classical music when you listen to these beautiful orchestral performances. If you are in the mood for jazz orchestras, Missouri has that too. Check out our list of orchestras for Missouri. Then throw on a suit and be wowed by some great musical performances.

3100 South Fremont Avenue, Springfield, MO 65804


Art is not a nice extra, it's the umbilical cord which connects us to the divine!

Funky Munky Music in Kansas City was founded in 2004, and became an influence to people of all ages. They offer music lessons to people who are interested in learning orchestras music and repair some musical instruments to promote and help some local professional musicians. They also rent, trade, buy and sell both new and old instruments.


They provide wide lesson programs or workshops as well for some techniques on how to repair some instruments. The members of this group are Sean Dow, Jim Ellison, Cheng Ho, Sean Plum, Tyson Leslie, Larry Carbtree, Keith Mallory, Janeth Jared and Bob Scagliotti.

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301 East 51st Street, Kansas City, MO 64112


Music that captures everyone's heart!
Midwest Honor Band and Orchestra Festival provides a music experience for students that want to be part of it. They are nationally recognized and are host for some concerts, professionalism workshops, offering some service to develop self-interest about instrument lessons. They offer lessons, professionalism development and summer programs to all students.

They have quick growth in some programs because they perform and teach with some top notch musicians. They reach more than 2,400 students. They hope you'll become part of their success. They are well-known for being excellent musicians in the community of MO and nationally.

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417- 836-5648
901 South National Avenue , Springfield, MO 65897


One song, one vibration that plays throughout existence and gives us life!

Missouri State University Orchestra Band offers the complete range of symphonic literature, that's open to everyone. The rehearsals are usually two days per week every late afternoon. They offer a variety of string ensembles. They've been honored and well-known at numerous parties, occasions, as well as made appearances on national television on MENC'S world's largest concert.


They perform at least six times a year including the presidential concerts. The directors of the music house are Dr. Amy F. Muchnick and Dr. Robert Quebbeman. Be part of their unforgettable performances. For more details you may visit their page or call their offices.

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3100 South Fremont Avenue, Springfield, MO 65804


Did you know that our life is composed of harmony?
Springfield Music Orchestra Band offers and shares music with everyone's heart. They're specialized for selling some orchestra instruments. They are fast growing because of their professionalism and customer relationship with clients. They provide a fun, exciting and challenging work environment with people who love music.


Their staff is Belinda Bankhead, Donovan Bankhead, Mitch Brasher, Austin Handley, John Anno, Roger Brown, Casey Kavanagh, Rachel Ikard, Duane Lewis, Rick Stansfield, Ryan Boone and many more. Be part of them as a music lover.

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Utt Music Building, Room 109 , Warrensburg, MO 64093


Music that melts all the separate parts of our bodies!
University of Central Missouri Orchestra Band is open to all woodwind, brass, percussion, string, piano and harp players. They perform several classical concerts and they'll play original great orchestra repertoires from Schubert's symphony to St. Saen's. They performed previously Symphony Pops Concerts, University Choir a major choral orchestral work and all over St. Louis Symphony Association. Recitals and concerts are represented by the Department of Music in their campus for free to the public in Hart recital hall.


Every student in UCM who desires to be part of the band must audition. Auditions will be held every first week of classes in the fall semester. They offer a great way to develop skills as a musician. UCM is well-known all over the state for being professional and for their success on a national and international level. For more details just visit their page or call their music department.

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1111 North Glenstone Avenue, Springfield, MO 65802


A sacred art!
Evangel University Orchestra Band offers inspiring and exciting musical experiences for all students. Their ensembles serve to develop musical knowledge, satisfy creative symphony music and provide excellent performing experience to the crowd. They perform throughout MO frequently on and off campus. EUMD has garnered a reputation for professionalism, excellence, ministry and international concert tours. They're part of two ensembles, Concert Orchestra and Concert Choir which regularly travel throughout the state and Europe.


EUMD prepares and present the best of sacred classical choral literature. They regularly perform with the Springfield Symphony Orchestra. The choir groups will travel to schools and churches performing every year. The symphony band serves an important role for the school that provides students with the opportunity to continue their participation in musicals. The band rehearsals are Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9 am and they present two concerts on campus each semester.

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, St. Louis, MO


Explore classical music!
The Matt McCallie Orchestra offers unforgettable entertainment and enhances the elegance of any event . Each member of this band performs professionally and is dedicated to ensure that any event is amazing. Discover the passion, charisma, talent, great personality and excitement that exude this band. They're educated musicians and knowledgeable with college degrees from the country's top music programs such as UNCO, SIUE, Berkley College of Music, Webster University and University of  North Texas.


They 're powerful, well-experienced, skilled and have spent a couple of years performing throughout the state. They also have numerous amazing CDs and performed nationally and internationally. They're the best wedding band with the finest entertainment, serving the crowd such as a variety band, dance band, corporate dance, big band, swing band, party band, jazz band, jazz combo as well songwriters.

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Columbia Civic Orchestra, Columbia, MO 65205


Impress everyone with its sound! 
Columbia Civic Orchestra offers high quality of symphonic music. They're providing exciting opportunities for each member and audiences with the presentation and preservation. The greatest vision of their group is to inspire everyone who has a talent in music such as orchestral, chamber music and classical and to bring people together into one harmony of arts and friendship of all ages, spread love of music throughout the state and globally, and facilitate the presentation of the show into other art forms such as dance and choral music.


This group is located in Columbia, MO as a volunteer group of music that started in 2003.  They're a non-profit organization that relies greatly on the donations of generous individuals, foundations and organizations.

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4579 Laclede Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63108


One place to find, enjoy and share music!
Band Together Orchestra in non-profit organization open to everyone especially in St. Louis, MO. This volunteer group provides musical opportunities to all musicians in a safe and relaxing atmosphere. This group formed in 1997 and they perform some shows with a great staff and high quality instruments.


Be part of this group to develop and become a knowledgeable musician. This group of musicians come from all walks of life and range in age from 20 to 60. The members of the band bring a variety of playing levels and other talents and interests to rehearsal each week as they prepare for performances. The band members also march in the annual St. Louis pride parade and other events.

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P.O. Box 252, Bismarck ND, MO 58502-0252


Missouri Valley Chamber Orchestra

Missouri Valley Chamber Orchestra is a really popular and exceptionally famous Orchestra in Missouri. You might love to catch the music from this group. Treat yourself, your companions or relatives to join the shows of this top notch Chamber Orchestra.


You will get the essence of Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass, Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Horn, Trumpet, Trombone and so on by this group. Kindly help out and don't miss the show of Missouri Valley Chamber Orchestra.

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Servicing the Greater MO, Saint Louis, MO


 The St Louis Big Band 

Provided that you need to revel in a world class jazz ensemble in Missouri, then contact The St. Louis Big Band instantly. This troupe consists of 4 trumpets, 3 trombones, 5 saxophones, finish cadence segment and conductor. You might be enchanted to realize that in The St. Louis Big Band the performers are chosen from the finest and most talented experts from the area, a large number of who have performed with top Grammy scoring craftsmen.


You won't get this wonderful and in-parallel Jazz Orchestra anywhere else.

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Servicing the Greater MO, Saint Louis, MO


The Matt Mccallie Orchestra, L.L.C is a first demonstrating diversion act

This Orchestra furnishes classy satisfaction for occasions such as weddings, supper gatherings, moves, corporate capacities and group shows.  It plays the music that you and your gathering truly need to listen and move to as well. 


In each exhibition this assembly offers something quite special to their customers. This band will keep the crowd on the dance floor throughout the night and make sure your significant occasion will be memorable.

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Servicing the Greater MO, Saint Louis, MO


Steve Shininger & The ShinSings Orchestra!
Steve Shininger & The Shinsings Orchestra spreads all the famous specialists in their gathering. This little big band will have your visitors moving on the floor and keep you there throughout the night. The Shinsings Orchestra will tailor their set to suit your yearnings and tastes.


They are acclimated in huge band swing, Classic Pop or Rock to ditties and love tunes. Thus, call your companions, family together and require the acclaimed Orchestra Group Steve Shininger & The Shinsings Orchestra.

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String Quartet, Springfield, MO


St. Mark's Square!
St. Mark's Square is an extremely famous and talented assembly of orchestra performers. They select their music occasions wise and perform all through the occasion consummately. St. Mark's Square has an established string quartet of greatly talented string players who will carry style and class to any occasion. 

Don't be so picky, please contact St. Check's Square for your private occasion, open gathering, show date, corporate capacity or wedding function.

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Servicing ihe Greater MO, Springfield, MO


Ojakangas Trio!
A group of young, energetic and talented young men assembled an orchestra group and the name of this fantastic group is Ojakangas Trio. It has a huge collection of prominent traditional music pieces and they can orchestrate a specific melody to be played on solicitation if given the content ahead of time.


A normal part of the Praise Assembly this group can additionally play music of different sorts and include their own particular peculiar tunes if the customer is fascinated.

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Servicing the Greater MO, St Louis, Missouri


Borealis Chamber Players!
You need to mastermind a private gathering in your surroundings however you are contemplating an extremely popular Orchestra bunch. You can just fulfill your countdown now. The Borealis Chamber Players are the prominent one in this field. They play at Wedding Ceremonies, Receptions, Corporate Mixers and Feature Concerts. 

You are emphatically prescribed to contact Borealis Chamber Players for your gathering, wedding or any viable occasion.

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411 North Sherman Parkway, Springfield, MO 65802


Listen to songs that are pretty, intimate and unexpected!
Springfield Symphony (SS) was formed by James Robertson and composed of 40 local musicians in 1933. They started to performin Clara Thompson Hall on the campus of Drury College. SS joined across the nation to help found and become the largest and most prestigious international body representing the orchestra industry.


They're providing inspiration and enjoyment to bring pleasure of music to many future generations. This group is a non-profit organization, the donations that come to the orchestra from a Bequest are invested in the SS. Their fund is used to support the orchestra. Their group is open to the community that wants to be part of the programs. SS musicians travel to different areas in the state. Designed to heighten awareness of a wide variety of musical styles and explain why different musical instruments create different beautiful sounds, this outreach is critically important to the quality of education throughout the state community.

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