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Shooting Ranges in Missouri

If you are looking for something fun to do you should consider going to one of the shooting ranges in Missouri. Start your day off with a bang and have some much needed entertainment.

287 US Highway 69 , Claycomo, MO 64119


A strong body makes the mind strong
Show Me Shooters is a full-line gun shop and indoor shooting range. They have a large range of handguns and holsters, long guns, shooting supplies and ammunition. They're open Monday to Friday 10am-8pm, Saturday 10am-5pm and Sunday noon-5pm. They also offer the law enforcement and military community with LE/MIL individual officer pricing. The gun availability is limited, so you must call first to make sure they have the model that you want. They offer two ranges with electric target systems for easy set up. 

There's also a viewing area behind each range to allow shooters and guests see the shooting action. There are six room shooting stalls to keep your equipment at while shooting. For more details you may call or visit their shooting range.

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4075 West Outer Road, Arnold, MO 63010-5126


Promote, protect and preserve hunting and best shooting range!
Top Gun Shooting Sports is one of the best and largest indoor shooting ranges in the Midwest, built and designed with great art range and ventilation equipment. They provide a safer, fun, clean and friendly environment. They also offer the very best brand names in firearms, ammunition and accessories. They sell both new and used firearms. They also accept trade-in or buy from customers. They have a large range of firearms with over a hundred firearms in stock from over 15 major brand names.


They carry a good selection of paper targets, excellent ear and eye protection and gun accessories such as speed loaders, conversion kits, night sights, laser sights and scopes. They have hard and soft holsters, gun cases for both rifles and handguns. 

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2280 Kohn Road, Wright City, MO 63390


Strive to provide a safe, friendly atmosphere for families to enjoy firearms!
Bench Rest Rifle Club has been established to ensure the health and safety of the community at large. They offer a wide range of firing points such as 60 Bench Rifle Range, Multi-purpose range, Pistol range, and Shotgun range. 60 bench rifle range has fixed target frames, at 100, 200, 300 yards as well as 600 yard targets that are movable. 600 yards firing is only from position one to twenty. All positions are high quality equipment, under cover with solid concrete benches.


The club house structure is located behind the 60 bench range. Their rest rooms with showers are located behind the firing lane. Their clubhouse is heated and with air conditioning with very comfortable facilities. Vending machines, a fridge, and a microwave are available for members and guests.  They offer the best deal that satisfies everyone.

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21200 East Truman Road, Independence, MO 64056


Total fun for most males!
Crossfire Recreational Center, LLC has gladly been established for everyone, open seven days a week with ten lanes and serving all over the town for over 15 years in service. They offer a full line of guns and have a gunsmith available. CCW conceal carry weapons, Classes are $110 per person, Gift certificates, 10 lane available that are 25 yards in length. Rapid fires are permissible only if the firearm is properly controlled within the small grouping. Fire rental is $5 per firearm. Sales target price ranges from $.35 to $2 per target, eye and ear protection is $.50.


Nothing is required to avail the shooting as long as you fill out an insurance release and you follow the range rules such as gun, target, ammo, eye and ear protection. You can bring your accessories or they're can provide it with a fee. To shoot you must be at least 18 years of age for a long gun and 21 years of age for handgun. If below 18 years of age, you must be accompanied by parents or legal guardian.

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County Road 142 Highway N, Rockbridge, MO 65741


Best outdoor shooting range in MO
Rockbridge Gun Club brings an unforgettable experience of hunting deer or turkey, as well as coyote, squirrel, crow and bobcat. The place is over 100 acres of manicured food plots throughout 3,000+ acres of land where their hunting staff has placed commercial stands in order to provide all the guest with the best possible chance of seeing a big buck or Longbeard.


The Rockbridge Gun Club has 10 station sporting clay courses, five stands for shooting and you will be guided by professional and well-trained staff. They offer very reasonable prices and guns are also available for loan

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13547 Missouri Bottom Road, Bridgeton, MO 63044


Shooting experience goes a lot smoother 
Get Away Gun Club is located in St. Louis MO, open for everyone with a shooting sports hobby. They offer the cleanest range, professional staff and excellent service. If you're a beginner for this sports it's a perfect place to develop your hobby. For someone who has been shooting for years and looking for a socialized relaxing place for shooting, this is a right place. 


All shooters must follow their range rules. They offer very reasonable prices such as outdoor shotgun range individual for$162+tax, family membership $270+tax, combined indoor/ outdoor membership Individual- #324+tax, and family membership $540+tax. Shooter's must at least 18 years old. Family membership is limited to husband, wife and dependent children under the age of eighteen living in the home. For more details visit their page and their shooting range near St. Louis MO.

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6201 Robinson Street, Kansas City, MO 66202


Discover the unbeatable firearm experience
The Bullet Hole is an awesome place for the public to simply enjoy the sport of shooting with a safe atmosphere. Their shooting range has 22 individual shooting stalls including the bulletproof observation area. They also feature training courses for those fascinated and interested in learning to properly handle a firearm. This place also offers to everyone different scenarios of shooting.


They also have a wide selection of firearms in the Midwest with over 600 handguns ready for immediate purchase. Their collection of firearms consist of all major brands such as CZ, Glock, Ruger, Smith & Wesson, Kimber, H&K, Beretta, Colt and many more. Their professional and friendly staff is happy to assist you, just visit their shooting range and experience a great place for shooting. You may visit their page for more updates and info.

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501 Noland Road, Independence, MO 64050


Excellent place for shooting!
Tactical Civilian Training gives everyone the knowledge, ability and training to protect yourself and create a safer community to everyone's life. They're shooting range is located in Independence, MO. They have a modern, comfortable and excellent atmosphere and a private classroom for training at the indoor range which means you don't have to worry about outside distractions and everyone can focus on the training.


They offer fun training for different skill levels, from basic handgun training and MO concealed. Classes for more comprehensive training from advanced shooters and classes to fit handgun training need to be scheduled before joining the classes. Their training is serious and informative while fun for new knowledge and experience. You must at least 21 years old and a resident of MO. Teenagers are also welcome with their parents for basic handgun training classes.

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13950 County Road 3240, Rolla, MO 65401


Come along and have a blast!
Rolla Shooting Club is opened to the community to join and use their facility to learn the sport of shooting. All individuals are invited who legally own a firearm or even minors as long as they have a signed parental consent are welcome. They have rimfire, pistol and 250 yard centerfire rifle ranges, three skeet and two trap fields. They also offer sanctioned skeet events with plans for hosting sanctioned trap events.


They encourage everyone to join them as well as seasoned shooters to practice, learn, prepare for any competition or just have fun with few runs of the targets. Experience the most enjoyable day and relaxing safe atmosphere. Don't hesitate to visit their shooting range or visit their webpage for some info.

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3020 Old Springfield Road, Mansfield,, MO 65704


Enjoy while learning how to become sharp shooters!
Top of The Ozark Shooting is the new shooting range in MO. They have a state-of-the-art Trap range and Air rifle range with the Skeet range presently under development. Their static archery range has just been finished and is ready for the public. Earth moving phases of the rifle, pistol and archery ranges has begun.


They're open every Sunday from 3pm till dusk, except those Sundays when Turkey Shoots are scheduled. They offer very affordable rates. Membership is $3 and Non-membership is $5 for 25 clays.

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