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Rock Bands in Missouri

Missouri rock music is ready to put on a show. Check out this list of rock musicians ready to perform. If you are looking for a night of rock and roll, these rock bands can help you out. 

, St. Louis, MO


Awesome experience of intimate and laid back, a sonic adventure to a faraway South Pacific Island

Old lights performers are David Beeman, Beth Bombara, Kit Hamon and John Joern. They perform rock music. They usually perform at The Gramophone in St. Louis Missouri. It's fun to see them live and have some drinks. Bring your friends with you.


They throw dope concerts and real chill ones. Visit their page for more info, schedule and location of where they will be having the concert. You can purchase some of their albums online.

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5226 Gravois Road, St. Louis, MO 63116


Bob Reuter awarded "The Riverfront Times" best songwriter of 2010!

 Bob Reuter's Alley Ghost performs live show at famous venues: The Heavy Anchor, The Way Out Club, Ye Ole Haunt, and Lemmons. Visit one of their venues to discover the unique and inspiration of their songs that they can play for you and for your friends.


It's a wonderful experience with your loved ones, family and friends. Visit their website for more updates about their upcoming events were you can see them play.

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, St. Louis, MO


It is so relaxing when good melodies reach your ears

This awesome two piece indie rock band from St. Louis MO will surprise with their blend of show-tune alternative rock. What's more amazing of all is that these joyous, literate, sassy, classy, brassy hit sounds come courtesy of only two musicians, Paige Brubeck (vocals, guitar, keys) and Evan Sult (drums, vocals, tapes). The two musicians are very famous around St. Louis and make half dreamy piano pop and half jagged blistering rock anthems.


Some of their albums from previous years are All I Do Is Dream of You, Infinity City, Gimme a Chantz, Speaking Politely, Seventeen, Way Out, NYC Really Has it All, Ridin with St. Louis, Heavy Mother, School's Out, Chimera, Dykula, Elder Chels, Porch Party Prelude, Growler, Turn Record Over or Go to Bed and more. You can visit their webpage for more inquiries and updates. You'll enjoy their performance.

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, Chesterfield, MO


Spectrum Band, "Best of Wedding" awards 2013 from The Knot

They also received the "Wedding Wire 2013" Bride Choice award as well as the same award for the last 5 years. They're selected as the Best Band Missouri, in Modern Bride Magazine two years in a row, winning also 9 piece dance band that was the most requested and entertaining professional local bands at St. Louis weddings. Spectrum Band is a variety band performing throughout the states since 1975. They perform at weddings, countless clubs, schools, outdoor events or any special events. Their specialty is a true variety of music, they play what individuals request and what they want to dance to at a volume that guests always appreciate.


They're proud of their ability to judge and play exactly what guests really want to hear and dance to. Stability in the band line up is also significant. Some of the members have performed for over 30 years, sharing their talents and entertaining literally thousands of individuals.

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, Kansas City, MO


The beauty of rock music consists of style that inspires from jazz, blues, classical and rock n roll

The music is usually centered mainly around electric guitar, accompanied by bass guitar and drums, placing a big emphasis on live performance authenticity. Soca Jukebox Band performs as a cultural, social movement, giving birth to hippie, punk, goth, emo and other subcultures. SJB is one of the genre's premier show bands. Their five piece ensemble features a battery of shimmering steel pans, array of Latin percussion, a fastidious rhythm section and incendiary of guitars.


Their great song selection, top shelf vocal talent with smooth harmony and tribal enchanting is interactive, crowd pleasing and has a wide appeal to the audience of all ages and musical tastes.

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, St. Louis, MO


Rock band with a soothing sounds

Penny Moon & Copper Creek Band was the new hottest band in St. Louis. They play some beautiful songs that you can't normally hear but they are well-known songs. Their performances are danceable and singable. They play a great song list like Rhiannon, Fleetwood Mac, Voo Doo Women, Hillsbilly Blues, Trick Pony, Come on my Kitchen and many others.


The members of this band are Penny Moon (lead vocals), Kevin Lemen (guitar, vocals), JT Bradley (Drums), and Russ Suemnicht (bass). Penny Moon, the lead vocalist was singing and entertaining throughout the State and Germany together with different bands or as a Solo artist. She performed very entertaining and catchy shows to the audiences with her versatile, uniqueness of style on stage. She sings beautiful ballads and then jump into Motown, Rock, Blues, Jazz or Country. They play ay any occasion, just call and visit their page.

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, Columbia, MO


Roller-coaster music

The Hooten Hallers' music is more of a rock'n'roll that will take you on a roller-coaster of sounds, just to turn your music experience almost up-side-down.

The best experience you will have while listening to this duo is in one of their concerts. If you just want to try them out, they have released quite a few albums for you to enjoy. You can buy their music on iTunes, Amazon and other stores.  

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, St. Louis, MO


Rock music with a punk twist
Living Things is a punk rock band headquartered in St. Louis, MO. Their music is a combination between dub, punk rock and psychobilly and delivers an addictive type of beat. This band always performs 100% live, thus those attending can enjoy a great show.

This band is made of 3 brothers and they previously had a 4th member. They will mainly hold shows in this city, but taking a look at their past events, you'll see that no location is rejected.  

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, Joplin, MO


A young indie rock band
Never Shout Never is a trio that calls the city of Joplin, MO their home. They play more music genres but they concentrate on acoustic rock, indie pop and rock and alternative.

Although this is a pretty young band, that started playing music in 2007, they became famous online first. This led to concerts being held all over the country while they accompanied other bigger bands. Never Shout Never recently started touring internationally along with other bands.  

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, Kansas City, MO


Musivo Live will satisfy your live music needs at any event
Musivo Live is a band from Kansas City that will perform any type of music you like, be it rock, folk, pop or other type. The band will travel mostly in Missouri and Kansas but other states will also be served.

The charged fees are between $2,800 and $5,000 per event, but everyone will surely remember yours for a long time. The band promises to hold a non-recorded, non-lip-sync show for your event so that your guests will truly have an amazing time.   

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, St. Louis, MO


Rocking hard in St. Louis, MO with Cavo
Hard rock and post grunge music lovers will surely enjoy the Cavo band from St. Louis, MO. Cavo means “hallow” in Italian, and this was the initial name of the band back in 2001.

It was their single “Champagne” from their 2nd EP that brought them national attention. This track allowed them to be the opening act for another band while also being able to showcase their music several times. Their major debut was “Bright Nights, Dark Days“ after they signed their first record label contract.  

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, Springfield, MO


A cover band that will take you to the '50s
Glen McKenzie and the Road Kings will cover almost any music genre, but they prefer classic rock, rock and roll. They can cover any song from any decade starting with the 1950's.

If you prefer to listen to singles from the gods of rock music, then all you have to do, is to ask for those songs. A gig usually can last between 60 and 240 minutes and depending on the venue, some small requirements need to be met, like electrical outlets.

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, St Louis, MO


Choose a reliable, fun band for your party
If you are looking for the perfect rock band to play at your event in St Louis area, you should hire The Diamond Dave Duo. The band can perform at a restaurant or your house, and can cover any music genre you need.


From rock'n'roll to indie rock and pop, this troupe is able to satisfy any taste and their budget is affordable, asking for $700 to $1400 per event.

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, St. Louis, MO


Hire a reputable band 
You shouldn't worry you will not find a rock band to perform at your private event. The Griffin And The Gargoyles are a fun band who can travel up to 3000 miles from St Louis, MO and sing at your party.


This band is one of the most well-known in the Missouri state, so you can be sure they will deliver an amazing performance that will leave all your guests happy.

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, Springfield, MO


Oldie but goldie
Innuendo is one of the best rock bands in the Springfield, MO area. The band has 25 years' experience performing at events, and recently got back together. They can perform at any private event and cover a wide range of music genres like rock, blues, rock'n'roll, and more.


Innuendo can also cover well-known hits, and they have their own set list you can expect to hear if you hire them.

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, Kansas City, MO


Classic rock and more spoken languages
Your party needs the type of entertainment On The Record offers. They will cover any music genre you may request and any song you will want played. They prefer classic rock music sung by American bands, but they will never turn a gig down because of the requested music.

The fee starts at $500 and goes up to $3,000 per event. Their members speak Russian and Spanish along with English so communication with them will be easier.  

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