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Public Art in MO

If you are a passionate art lover you need to check out our guide to the best public art in MO. You don't need to pay to see beautiful pieces of art. When you visit any of these Missouri public art locations, you will be left breathless at the amazing pieces that you will see.

1 Pickard Hall, Columbia, MO 65211


Learn the World of Art and Archaeology!
Welcome to Missouri's Museum of Art and Archaeology where you can explore the different arts and archaeology of the world. This is where the collection of the art of different parts of six continents comes together. If you want to indulge your eyes with beauty and learn facts about some people who love art, this is a great place to go! This place is known for the antiquity and uniqueness where art is inspired by people's achievements.


This is a great place to see public art in Missouri.

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150 Carondelet Plaza, Clayton, MO 63105


A Masterpiece in the Plaza
A masterpiece by Howard Ben Tre has nestled into the plaza of Clayton in Missouri to reflect the character of the city's plaza. The world renowned sculptor was known for his unique sculptures and large scale works. The sculpture is surrounded by a ring of granite benches located within a paved field, allowing the public to sit and enjoy the piece. And this is just one of his masterpieces which was manufactured under THF Realty.


This is an amazing piece of public art to view in Missouri.

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4344 Shaw Boulevard, St. Louis, MO 63110


The Art of Nature and Culture in MO!
The center of public art attraction in Missouri is in St. Louis, the Missouri Botanical Garden. The Garden is a National Historic Landmark and a center for science, conservation, education and horticultural display. It is open daily from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM which is very accessible for people in all abilities.

This garden is perfect for those who are into photography and are aiming to capture the art of nature and its beauty.

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415 East 12th Street, Kansas City, MO 64106


President-Inspired Art in Missouri
A historical art display in Kansas City Courtyard of Missouri. Built in the order of Harry Truman, designed by Wight and Wight in an Art Deco Style in the honor of the 7th US President, Andrew Jackson. This public piece of art in MO was built after the renovation of the previous Kansas City courthouse which was a fire hazard.


The courthouse contains an elaborate painted ceiling on the 2nd floor featuring portraits of county employees. The mural was completed by artist Chris Doyle in 2008.

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4420 Warwick Boulevard, Kansas City, MO 64111


Indulge Yourself with Contemporary Art
This museum is known for its rare collection of architectures and art exhibits. From the building construction itself, you can easily identify how unique this museum could be. You will see out of the ordinary designs from all corners of the museum. The building was specially designed to reflect the progress of architecture and modern art. It presents the distinct personality of the museum.  


The museum itself speaks for its uniqueness and is a true art unparalleled to any existing architectural design. Visit this piece of public art in MO now!

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4750 Broadway, Kansas City, MO 64112


Seville, Spain in Missouri
Be fashionable in Kansas City's Shopping District! The place where you can find the pleasure a city can give with the glamorous infrastructures architecturally designed after Seville, Spain. The country club plaza consists of restaurants, hotels, parlors and shopping centers where you can enjoy shopping and sight-seeing the designs of classical Europe.


Do you want to make your reservations now? Contact their customer service hotline which is open Mondays through Fridays from 9:00 Am to 9:00 PM; Saturdays from 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM; and Sundays from noon until 6:00 PM. See amazing art in Missouri here!

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4525 Oak Street, Kansas City, MO 64111


Experience a Neoclassical Art Adventure!
Come and visit the neoclassical art museum in Kansas City, Missouri to see amazing pieces of public art. Two buildings, one vision - that is Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. Characterized by then two separate museums, it was later combined into one with just one vision; to engage, educate and serve the community.


Enjoy the historical building centered in modern infrastructure, which is the Bloch Building, to compete in the challenge of constant change in infrastructure innovations. Truly, this museum is a picture of preserved history and a new generation of modern art.

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411 North Sherman Parkway, Springfield, MO 65802


The Collection of Public Arts in Springfield
Here in Springfield, Missouri, public art is taken very seriously. They have developed a public art council which would consolidate all the public arts in the city and put it in a brochure. Some of which are landscapes which were intentionally built for public viewing pleasure.


Some of these arts are "The Nest", "The Tumbler", and "Triangulum" to name a few. These masterpieces can be seen in their parks, walkway or even in an empty fields.

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300 South Providence, Columbia, MO 65205


Reach for the Arts!
Welcome to the City of Columbia in Missouri where public art is very accessible to everyone! You will see artistic sculptures anywhere you go. From hospitals, to courthouses, museums, recreation centers and other places. Your eyes will surely enjoy the great views of masterpieces in the city.


Some of which are "Take the Plunge", "Sky Algorithm", "The Suspended Globe" and "People" to name a few. Please contact the Columbia arts council for more information.

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