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Modern Dance in Missouri

Modern dance companies in Missouri are ready to delight you with an evening of spectacular shows. Check out this list of modern dance performances in Missouri and score your tickets today. These performances will have you on your feet with applause.

110 Orr Street, Columbia, MO 65201


The Missouri Contemporary Ballet is a modern dancing company in Colombia, Missouri
Check out the Missouri Contemporary Ballet company during your visit. If you enjoy modern dancing, you will surely love to attend a performance by these amazing artists. The company is located in Colombia, MO and especially during summer, ballet shows take place on a weekly basis. 

If you think you are a skilled ballerina, you can audition by bringing in a head shot and a $20 fee is required.

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3547 Olive Street, St. Louis, MO 63103


Dance St Louis is the perfect modern dancing company to visit
If you are in the St Louis region of Missouri and searching for a modern dancing company, one of the best is Dance St Louis. The company offers many opportunities for both students who want develop their modern dancing skills as well as people who want to enjoy a good performance. 

The dancing company was founded in 1966 and became very well-known ever since. 

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PO Box 26767, Kansas City, MO 64196


Kacico Dance is an entertaining modern dancing company in Kansas City, Missouri
The company is a popular one, hosting more than 30 performances every year. They travel all around Missouri bringing some of the best modern performances in the area, and they increasingly became an established performance act in Kansas City. Kacico Dance's mission is to bring awareness and educate the audience in the art and dancing field. 

The company was founded a little over 8 years ago.

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209 South Olive, Kansas City, MO 64124


Let yourself be blown away by the art of modern dancing with Wylliams/Henry Contemporary Dance company
Enjoy a night out and watch a modern dancing performance put up by the artists of this company. Wylliams/Henry Contemporary Dance features some of the best choreographers in the US, and the shows usually take place at the White Halls in Kansas City. 

All the performances are unique and mix dancing with theater in order to deliver the best show there is. Their repertoire is quite impressive and the 13 dancers will surely impress you no matter what show you see them in. 

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3925 Main Street, Kansas City, MO 64111-1916


Learn more about modern dancing by visiting City in Motion Dance Theater
Modern dance can be understood and enjoyed by the whole family if the show is attended at the City in Motion Dance Theater in Kansas City, MO. Usually the tickets cost $6 for students and the elderly and $8 for adults. Show starting hours depend on each show but they're announced in advance while the tickets can also be bought at the door.

Class sessions are available for whoever wants to learn something new and there's a new session every season.

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One University Boulevard, St. Louis, MO 63121


MADCO is a professional modern dance company
If you are looking for a reputable dancing company with a lot of experience, then MADCO is what you need. The organization has existed since 1976, and their mission is to provide educational opportunities for people in the area as well as deliver outstanding dance performances that suit anyone's taste. MADCO travels all over the nation as well as Canada in order to raise awareness and offer a cultural exchange.

The prices for the tickets vary with each show, but they're well announced in advance.

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68E Four Seasons Center, Chesterfield, MO 63017


Alexandra Ballet will teach you the art of modern dancing
People that reside in the Chesterfield area of Missouri or are simply visiting will definitely enjoy a modern dance performance by Alexandra Ballet. This modern dance company was established in 2001 and offers a different perspective on the art of dancing.


The artists are experienced and mature, and are able to bring passion and emotion into each show. All the ballerinas are highly trained.

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I-44 + 141, Fenton, MO 63103


Common Thread Contemporary Dance Company is a modern dance leading company in Missouri
Common Thread is not a very old presence in the St Louis ballet scene, having been founded in 2010. The company was established by artistic director Jennifer Medina, and since then tried to become more than just a modern dance organization.


Common Thread tries to incorporate spiritual growth into dancing, and the highly skilled ballerinas make the performances unique and full of soul.

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500 West Pershing Road , Kansas City, MO 64108-2430


The Kansas City Ballet provides many modern dance opportunities
The dance company, located in Kansas City, MO, offers engaging performances and many classes and workshops over the summer. Kids that want to become professional dancers can enroll in the KCB School Academy.


The Academy accepts students based on their ages and kids as young as 3 can enroll. Auditions will be held during the evening hours and registration can be done online.

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6308 North Prospect Avenue, Gladstone, MO 64119-1825


Ballet North is a modern dancing company with a twist
Ballet North is a prestigious ballet company that was founded in 1977 and offers educational programs as well as amazing ballet performances for both the young and the old. If you visit Liberty, MO in June you can take full advantage of the Cinderella performances set to take place this month.

The organization provides many interesting classes and workshops that will make your day much more fun.

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ContCentene Center for Arts & Education 3547 Olive Street, Suite 203, St. Louis, MO 63103


Leverage Dance Theater helps you make creative dance moves
Want to become a modern dance educator? Look for Leverage Dance Theater to help you develop your talent and make you an outstanding performer in modern dance. Leverage uses dance to spur individuals to greater performances in dancing. They support innovative community programming through MO modern dance classes.


Hawkins-Based Modern: Intermediate/Advanced Mondays – 6:00-8:00 p.m. Occasionally the venue is changed last minute therefore make a call to confirm before attendance.

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P.O. Box 300579, St. Louis, MO 63130


Looking to grow as Missouri modern dance performers
Are you an interested dancer in Missouri? Can you make it to live auditions? Ashleyliane Dance Company offers Modern dance and therefore invites any talented and experienced dancer to audition. You must bring along; your photo which is no smaller than 5x7, performance resume with 2 references, display stage presence and personality, ability to quickly learn hip hop and lastly interview with the judging panel.

In order to audition at Ashleyliane Dance Company you must be over and above 18 years of age and commit to all rehearsals and large performances. Remember for live auditions it is invite only.

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4397 Laclede Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63108

the-city-studio  -modern-dance-in-mo

Collaborate with fellow artists to explore your modern dancing moves
Are you wondering where to find a friendly place to dance? Look for The City Studio. They host modern dance in MO tailored to fit a variety of your dancing needs and levels. The studio atmosphere is just great, relaxed and welcoming.


Dancers will be able to exchange their ideas freely with fellow artists as well as the instructors. You can do collaborative work with other artists of modern dance. Explore your talent in dancing today at The City Studio.

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3570 Adie Road Street, St. Louis, MO 63074


Dance venue with a suitable dance floor
Looking for a nice Missouri Modern Dance venue? U Can Dance Studio for Modern Dance is $550 to rent plus a security deposit of $200 total to $750 in payment. If you happen to cancel your event then your deposit of $200 is not refunded to you.


Wondering how to book the hall? Just make a call or visit the website for more information. Remember the hall is booked for only 4 hours; however you may be granted all dance styles being taught beginning at age 3 up!

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