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Metal Bands in Missouri

Everything from heavy metal bands in Missouri to death metal music, check out this list and get ready to rock. Throw up your horns and head bang away with metal music in Missouri. This music is for the serious rockers only. 

, St. Louis, MO


The thrash metal music scene lost a great band 
Anacrusis is a St. Louis band that plays progressive and thrash metal. This band is a pioneer when it comes to combining these two music genres giving an extra reason to try them out.

Anacrusis formed back in 1986 and in 1993 they went on a hiatus till 2009 when they resumed their activity as a metal band. However, after several performances under the original line-up, the band's members announced an indefinite break from any and related activities.

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6054 Odell, St. Louis, MO 63139


Multitalented metal group
Conquest is yet another metal and from St. Louis established in 1985. The band is formed of 4 people and while the current lineup is not the same as in the beginnings, all the members have a double role: playing instruments and singing.

Those interested in listening to their music, they can choose from one of the 4 full length CDs, an EP and a special. The band currently still plays for their fans, either booked or during various events.

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7255 Gayola Place, Maplewood, MO 63143


Bring Maggie's Redemption to your party
Don't hesitate to hire metal band Maggie's Redemption if you want a full on rock show. The band features female lead vocals and can play any kind of rock songs you could think of. They offer original songs as well as covers and their versatility made them popular all over Missouri since they founded the band in 2002.


The vocalists also play guitar. The band members reside in St. Louis, MO.

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24455 Stuart Road, Waynesville, MO 65583


Opening for major bands
Ashes of Yesterday is a metal band from Waynesville, MO that formed around 2005. Their first EP was released at the end of 2006 and was self-titled. While this metal band formed of four people likes metal rock they also like other genres of music such as Christian or visual rock.

You need to know that it didn't take them long since they formed as a band to open concerts for several bigger bands.

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11864 Old Scenic Drive, Neosho, MO 64850


A mixed gender metal band 
Carbon Star is an established Missouri metal band with a lot of experience under their belt. Founded in 1995, the band includes 4 members and can put up a show that is enjoyable by any crowd. 

Carbon Star released many CDs over the years but their live performances take things to a whole new level. You can hire them for a gig if you live in or nearby Joplin, MO.

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3731 South Glenstone #252, Springfield, MO 65804


Strong beats for your ears
Do you want kicking music, bleeding ears and a lot of noise? Then you want to listen to Nine6six! This metal band from Springfield, MO combines alternative and classic rock styles into their metal beats to make your heart pump faster!

These 5 guys are also influence by the rock music of the 1990s and 1980s so there must be a lot to take in for many fans, but this can only mean good things.

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Route 2 box 153, Eminence, MO 65466


A band that tries to stay unique
Stratford may be a small band from Eminence, MO but recently they started to receive a lot of attention in the St. Louis area.

They describe their music as being quite unique as they try to write songs that are not even similar one to the other. Those who listened to their pieces compared them to 'Brand New' and 'Finch' but they insist they're nothing alike. Stratford really loves making music and they want to be on the scene for a long time.

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2390 South Kimbrough, Springfield, MO 65807


Get your groove on with some metal taste
Metal, rock, groove, alternative and kitchen sink is that best defines the music style of Fall Before Winter. This group of four comes from Springfield, MO and delivers energetic yet melodic sounds to their fans delight. The band's guitarist brags about his skills, saying that they represent the “soul” of their music.

Formed in 2002, their lineup counted 2 band members that played together before and had similar tastes in music. The leading vocals was a roommate of theirs that seemed a natural addition to the duo.

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1407 Jeter Road, Raymore, MO 64083


The band with a strange spelling
iota. is spelled just like that with a full stop at the end and with a lower case “i” and this will surely make them stand out if not just a little bit. Iota has formed in 1998 in a suburb of Kansas City, MO.

The 5 members are proud of their band that started as means to escape their unhappiness. The type of music played is metal, industrial, punk, rock and alternative so they will appeal to a large audience.

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306 Becky Street, Clarkton, MO 63837


Interesting spelling
iNkOgNiTo will twist your brain when you type their name, but their music might be just the right kind for you. This is another metal band formed at the end of the 1990s as a duo and later on they added 2 more members.

Cape Girardeau, MO is these guys' hometown and they're quite popular around there. They have appeared in many gigs which brought them a lot of experience when it comes to public interaction.

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