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Folk Bands in Missouri

If you are a fan of folk music, check out these folk bands in Missouri. They will get your feet tapping and you'll be humming long after the songs are over. So come on out for a night of live music with folk artists in Missouri. Bring a friend and stay a while. 

, Orlando, FL


A cover band in any formula you need
The Cast is a cover band that can deliver all your favorite hits live at any type of event you may book them for. Depending on the formula you want to hire, duo, trio or full band, as well as your location, the fees will differ. 

Depending on the event, the band will help you choose the appropriate songs so that those attending will have an unforgettable experience. 

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, St. Louis, MO


An European sounding traditional band
Die Spitzbuam is a traditional folk band from St Louis, MO. The band was founded in 1992 so the members have over 2 decades of experience in the artistic field. Their sound is unique and they combine German folk music with influences from other European countries.


The band has performed all over Missouri and in other states as well. Die Spitzbuam can be hired to play at any wedding, anniversary or corporate event and they can travel to your location. 

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1440 Westhampton View Lane, Wildwood, MO 63005


A fun filled party with Foxcreek Band
Foxcreek Band is a folk troupe originating from St Louis, MO. The band performs some of the best folk songs in the area and can travel to your home if you live within 150 miles of St Louis.


The band was established in 2004 and they will surely put a smile on your face if you hire them for a gig. Foxcreek Band will cover songs of bands from the 60's, as well as newer songs.

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, St. Louis, MO


An engaging band in St Louis, MO
Penny Moon & Copper Creek is a new folk and country band from St Louis, MO. The band has become quite successful recently even though they don't have decades of experience in the artistic field. It includes 4 members and can travel up to 100 miles from St Louis. 

Penny Moon & Copper Creek is a pro band with a unique sound and have all the required equipment to put on a great performance. 

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, Wentzville, MO


Spice up your party with Ozark Revival
The Ozark Revival folk and cover band resides in Wentzville, MO and are available to travel about 100 miles within the area. The band consists of two experienced members who can bring life to your party by performing some of the best folk songs around Missouri and not only.


If you book them for a show, you can request for any additional songs you have in mind and they will be included in the playlist. 

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, Charlotte, NC


Do you need a duo, trio or a full band?
What stands out about Vadim Kolpakov is his Russian-Romani (Gypsy) heritage that can be heard in his music. He plays original songs that are very much liked by many who listen to them.


Make sure to book him well in advance no matter where your party's at, as he will travel to it both nation-wide as well as abroad. You can book him as a duo, trio or as a full band.

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, Kansas City, MO


Unique show
The King Family Band truly offers a unique show because while all its members play an instrument, they're playing one another's instrument. This is not all they can do as they can offer a very entertaining gig for any type of event, public or private. All they need is an area large enough to accommodate all the band member and an electricity source.


 The fees for a performance start at $850 and can go up to $5,000 and the gig can last between 40 and 120 minutes. 

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, Chicago, IL


A tribute band
June's Got the Cash is a tribute type of band from Chicago, IL but serving the St. Louis, MO area as well. Their tribute is to Johnny Cash and June Carter and you'll love their performances for sure. Older generations will appreciate to hear their favorite hits from the 1950s, 60s or 70s. 

The fees for their gigs start at $1500 and along with your favorite Johnny Cash and June Carter songs you'll get bits of comedy acts as well. 

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, Gurne, IL


A one man band
Victor Fox is what we like to call a “one man band” and there aren't many such performers left. You'll be able to enjoy great music from the 60's and the 70's while your guests will have a blast. There are so many artists he's covering you'll actually have a hard time choosing your play list.

You'll be able to book him for any event around St. Louis and his fees start at $200. 

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, Beloit, WI


Turtle Creek Ramblers is a great unsigned band
Turtle Creek Ramblers is a country and folk band from Beloit, WI. The band keeps things original, new and knows how to engage the crowd in their performances.


Turtle Creek Ramblers can play at any type of event and their gigs can be personalized as much as you need for an unforgettable experience. The band can be hired to perform anywhere in the nation but you'll have to discuss the fees.

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