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Country Bands in Missouri

Check out Missouri's country music artists. From fiddlers to banjos and guitars, we bet your cowboy boots will be tapping. Take a look at our list of country bands in Missouri. Bring your friends and we will bring the music.

, St. Louis, MO


Unique sounds all at once with incredible acoustic band

Their songs combine familiar feeling tunes with off-kilter melodies, balancing on the edge of the traditional and experimental. They make their live shows very captivating. They are on the cusp of the release of their second album. Bo and the Locomotive are poised to take on the challenges of notoriety that they have been working so hard to achieve.


The members of the band are Evan O'Neal (keyboards), Steven Colbert (drums), Andrew Arato (bass), Bo Jackson (guitar). 

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, Columbia, MO


Fun, fascinating, little bit scary and life-changing
Definitely their music is an amalgamation of classic American style, more modern rock n roll. Riffling through mixing blues, punk, country and even gospel in turn. They call it " Rock n Roll & Hillbilly Soul. They started to perform in 2006 in Columbia playing open mics and house parties until they developed. They played many shows around the mid-west including some festivals and short tours.


Some of their albums that already have been released are We Have a Friend (2008), The Epic Battle of Good and Evil (2009), Lives at Widow's Peak (2010), Greeting from Welp City (2012), War with hell, Missouri Boy, Highway Sound, Leave Me Alone, She Used to Love My Music, Baby, Taxes, Holy Moses and many more. The members of the band are John Randall (guitar/vocals) and Andy Rehm (drums/vocals).

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, Kansas City,


Nice country music!

Deep fried slices of funk, soul, latin and electronica laced with jazz, topped with a spicy dash of raw pumping tech-house music for mind, body and soul then just combine coffee while listening to their music. Capybara members are Mark Harrison, Darin Seal, Joel Wrolstad, and Jared Horne. Some of their albums that are already released are Dave Drusky Late Night Bikes, Rain Apollo Trees, Neighbors Crimes, Pierre Bensusan, Wild, Bill Dabbler, Lorn Line, Ruby Eyelids, Kimberly Lydell,Vandals, and Leaflet.


Their art with wit and sunshine, illuminating a sound that is both simple and catchy, conceptualized and personal. Experience the incredible sound of their songs with your friends. You may visit their page for more details about them.

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417 East 18th Street, Kansas City, MO 64108


Face melting guitar rock chopped and sauteed with heart-wrenching ballad and elegantly garnished with thoughtful lyrics

The Grisly Hand Band utilizes a broad array of instruments including guitars, drums, piano, mandolin and the band has coalesced a roots rock-folk-pop sound. Their songs are brimming with melodious hooks and three-part harmonies. The members of this band are Jimmy Fitzner (guitar, vocals), Lauren Krum (vocals, percussion), Johnny Nichols (vocals, bass), Matt Richey (drums), Mike Stover (steel guitar) and Ben Summer (guitar and mandolin).


Buy their albums at $10 or more, they ship out within 7 days! You can purchase their albums online. Just visit their page for more updates and inquiries.

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, St. Louis, MO


Perfect sound track!

Like many music lovers of our generation, Andrew Bryant and Justin Peter Kinkel-Schuster have a passion of both the emotional songwriters and atmosphere of artists. And their songs are so amazing with the visceral beats and dynamic rhythms of Justice. They made their first record by accident and ended up calling it "Phantom Limp". It came out in February 2012. Since they've played a lot of shows around town, they met some people who are amazed for their songs.


They made another record in "Water Valley" which they used to call "Wyoming" released March 5, 2013 on Big Legal Mess/Fat Possum Record. The Water Liars Band is on the road a whole lot .They hope you're part of their success. Just visit their page for more details about their upcoming events.

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, Kansas City, MO


Simply pure and heartfelt, a feeling no one can own but yet we all know!

 The O Giant Man Band members are Christopher Robbins (lead vocals, guitar), Jake Schulenberg (vocals, bass guitar), Andy Wendling (percussion, vocals), and Rick Schulenberg (keys, vocals, percussion). They play a blending of elements of lounge, surf, jazz, Latin, sweet melodies and meaningful lyrics.


One of their best albums was released September 25, 2012 "Our Friend Goes West" and their first album was released January 4, 2011 "Singles". Some of their hottest songs are The Sea, Gus, Mountain Train, Five Card Hand, Party On the Mountain, Animal, Wait Wait, and Decisions.

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1177 Sunny Slope court, O'fallon, MO 63366


Music and rhythm find their way into secret places of our body

Ozark Revival was influenced by the root genres like blues, bluegrass and folk. The core members are Aaron Lane, Kevin Lane, Kerry Lane and Dennis Guinn who have roots from the foothills of the Ozark's Missouri, where grandpa Lane traveled the hills sawing on his fiddle. With their debut album in the Fall of 2012 the band said they were anxious to bring folk and something old, but most important something of real quality and originality.


Aaron "Pops" is the lead singer and songwriter of the group. Kevin plays electric guitar and bass while Kerry plays acoustic guitar and bass. They really want to perform to give fans something in the way of country music that is not heard much these day. Hope you're ready to hear it from them. You may visit their page for more updates, or call for some inquiries.

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, Fenton, MO


Music is love

Michael Lynne was born and raised in St. Louis and began playing music at the age of 9. He signed a contract with CMG Nashville records and performed some events like school dances, weddings, clubs, V.F.W's at age 10. He spent most of his young days as a bass player. Today being a guitarist, singer and songwriter is his passion.


He owns a nightclub called "Hot Spot" in High Ridge Missouri where you can see him perform on the weekends if he is not on tour. They play country, southern rock and rock n roll.

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, Columbia, MO


A sense of excitement and liveliness to our life

Ed White and the Next of Kin Band perform with a blend of Southern Rock, New Country and Classic to create style of music enjoyed by everyone that hears them. Ed White and the Next of the Kin performed in 1980 as a Southern/Classic rock band performing throughout Texas, Arkansas and Mississippi. In 1992 Ed moved to Nashville to pursue a solo career. He became a songwriter and demo singer and a known Artist in Nashville.


The Next of Kin are still playing Southern/Classic Rock tunes, as well Country songs from their hottest album "No More Broken Hearts". The song are written so powerfully from the heart that you can feel their meaning as "Heart of An Honest Man". They perform fabulously to inspire guests to enjoy the moment they play.

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